Worth a Read #1

Oct 31, 2014

This marks the beginning of a new feature, Worth a Read, which will contain a quick and easy list of blog posts and articles that I've found interesting recently. They may have to do with programming, design, lifestyle, cool products, or anything else I've been reading. Might be themed, might not! Hope you enjoy it!

This week's list contains a variety of topics from different disciplines, hopefully you'll find something interesting! Follow me on twitter @chrislpenner to keep up with future posts!

###Worth a read:

Hopefully you learned something 🤞! If you did, please consider checking out my book: It teaches the principles of using optics in Haskell and other functional programming languages and takes you all the way from an beginner to wizard in all types of optics! You can get it here. Every sale helps me justify more time writing blog posts like this one and helps me to continue writing educational functional programming content. Cheers!